Thanks Yogis

Dad is doing better, went home from hospital and I’m going home today. Again, I  am in awe of those of you who practice when they are thrown off their routine. My last practice was a week ago today. 

5 thoughts on “Thanks Yogis

    • Thanks Jessica. I actually enjoyed a bottle of Riesling with my husband on Tuesday night, so my first day back was today and it went quite well. The body enjoys a break and misses the practice simultaneously. I understand that it is not the same for every body. >


  1. Oh, awesome☺️ So you brought back some wine after your special peogram☺️ That’s great. Yeah, I take short breaks from time to time from practice and I feel really great when I get back on the mat. I used to miss it a lot during breaks but now I don’t so much, feeling I need the rest too☺️

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