Day 45

So it turns out I can live (not just survive but live)without coffee booze or sugar. I can live with less variety of food in exchange for feeling vitality. Vitality was not a familiar feeling. I can safely say without fear of exaggerating that I had never felt vitality before. Yours truly got her first period when she was 9 years old and started smoking Marlboros at age 12 ( and not just bumming a cigarette here and there, but buying my own pack.) Hormonal disruption and adrenal fatigue have been my companions for a very long time. So in 45 days you drop 27 pounds, stop sweating in a way that gets your hair wet, start sleeping through the night, and feel really alert and ON. It is also enough time to convince you to live on a mono diet (is that a real term?) for most of your month with the occasional thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary and other celebrations interspersed in those 52 weeks. Nothing happens until you’re ready.

10 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. Your transition/transformation is more coming – i think you will continue to see, mind, body spirit changes for a long time slow and subtle,m but a continual evolution of YOU. .excellent you were devoted to the 45 days.


  2. well the proof is in the pudding (or in not eating the pudding, lol)! that photo of you speaks volumes, you literally GLOW… might have to join you in this venture but I would need a consult with the doctor, no? And like you I was an early-bird in the woman department AND a heavy smoker when I smoked (loved it, I won’t lie but quit after three years)… and like you ‘vitality’ isn’t something I really relate to… anyway, BRAVA! xoxox

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    • If you like I’ll share some of his YouTube lectures. He is very into- go to bed before ten pm and get up at 5 am seven days a week, don’t eat when it’s dark out, sip don’t gulp room temp water, soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in boiling water every evening and drink then chew the seeds with s bit more water every morning. Forever.


    • It has to be that cute pink and white cake I see in your photos, and your tea! Hahahaha. I seriously don’t know why this worked for me Kevin, I’m just grateful and a bit flabbergasted that I followed through.


  3. Thanks for reading! My binds and forward bends did benefit, but I was short on Physical (not mental) stamina during the process. the first two weeks it was driving 20 minutes to practice for 12 minutes. Later on I made it to half primary most days and just this week started doing my full practice again.


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