Your Mind Will Lie

My  brain/mind always told me that I would not make it through a month of no sugar, no grains, no salt, no fermentation,  veganism but it was wrong. I did last the month and  I have two weeks left to finish my 45 day protocol. I am sure that there will be opportunities to have a bagel, some burgundy, a doughnut, in the future because as the good doctor says, no food is bad. Food aggravates what is already out of whack. 20 lbs. less makes it a lot easier to add back that vinyasa in between sides even though I am still a couple of poses away from not being exhausted for Urdvha Dhanurasana. I chose the title to this post mostly to point out that most of us are so used to having a foggy mind, that we have no idea what it’s like not to have one. To me, that has been the biggest change (along with uninterrupted sleep) brought by this treatment. I really feel that I can think more clearly and am less anxious and indecisive.

Speaking of anxious and indecisive: WTF is this I hear that KPYAJI is canceling already accepted registrations because it overbooked?? What if you already bought your ticket, or are already in Bali and about to continue to Mysore???  Are there other Shalas from authorized teachers nearby? I would just go to one of those instead of staying home. #nextyearsaraswathi2017





6 thoughts on “Your Mind Will Lie

  1. I think I went 24 hours once without sugar, though I was Nil by mouth an attached to a drip and beeping machine in hospital at the time.

    KPJ have handled their error appallingly, trying to blame students for non existent multiple applications, it’s really put me off going again.


    • I think sugar kicks below the belt if your hormones are already staging a revolt. I think people should start visiting Philippa Asher’s Ashtanga homestay for a real retreat/study experience. Do you know any other authorized teachers who own shalas near or in Mysore? Maybe we should spread the wealth around, you know?


  2. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing experience. 20 pounds lost! But I know that more importantly your balancing everything. I am looking into Ayurveda more and more. I used to think it was hard to connect to because every time I read stuff there ‘s always mention of herbs, spices, foods, etc that are not easy to find. I am not that great at cooking either. Your program sounds more accessible. Are you also doing therapies like massage with special oils, etc?


    • A cleanse or a panchakarma in Ayurveda does involve herbs and special recipes. Once you have been evaluated and established your dosha it is pretty much a list of optimal foods that keep you in good health. Dr. Sumit’s protocol involves a diagnosis of you are not feeling well which was my situation. He does not prescribe a treatment going by your dosha, he prescribes a treatment after evaluating your symptoms.

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    • Oh sorry, aside from the herbs and flowers petals, it was morning massage with sesame/or almond oil downward motion, and a cold shower. Most important for my condition was a firm 5 am wake up and an equally firm 10pm bedtime and absolutely no eating when the sun goes down.

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