Day 13

Ray and my buddies say I don’t but, I think I smell bad. Sort of like ripe garbage and it feels gross. Oh, and I have pink eye! Which I never got in 22 years of teaching children. Dr. Sumit and I had a skype chat earlier today (8:30 pm Mumbai) and I was given the okay to start adding more fruits and plants to my regimen. I must also start drinking pickling lime diluted in water. I was told that pranayama was enough for me and ashtanga was optional ( sorry sir but the cult is the cult). and that in three months I will be right as rain. I can also stop taking cold showers and add a bit of warm water. Of course I forgot to tell him about the pink eye. I will wait till our next consult to confess my fondness for wine and ask if it is possible to continue my romance with the fruit of the vine in the not so distant future. I am not happy about passing Portland Maine this weekend without having my food party but there is a first for everything.



5 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. I think the soonest I’ll be seeing the wine is late October, but here I thought I would never be able to give up coffee and I am on month 3 and have not died. Not that I plan on never tasting a flat white again, but it will be an occasional treat.


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