Day 9

So I’ve been eating papaya and rice water, with flower and raisin water for snacks for 9 days now and my hormones must be both surprised and happy because I am not hungry. Not even mentally which is unusual because my favorite activity is planning what to cook, where to buy it and keeping up with the foodie scene.  Also nice to have released 13 pounds of who knows what, and to be sleeping well. The down side is that the yoga is not very amenable to this amount of nourishment. I barely make it to Parsvottanasana, am too dizzy to balance the next two, endure Utkatasana, and my arms are like 30 lb. dumbells each on both Virabhadransanas. Long story short, Purvattanasana has been my last pose before closing since last Friday, when I thought that I could do led no problem and had to lay down for a nap. Checked with the good doctor’s assistant while he is up in the Himalayas till mid September, and she firmly said no asana the first two weeks, only pranayama! Okay, you could have wrote that down for me madam when you sent me my pdf protocol..










3 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Just came across your blog recently and very much enjoying it ☺️ This program you are on sounds wonderful. You said 45 days? Wow…not sure I would have the discipline. Hope you will continue to write more about it👍


    • Hi Jessica, thanks for reading. I am waiting to hear from the good Dr. who is trekking in the Himalayas because I think there is a punctuation typo in the instructions I have. My husband pointed out that it might read “follow this daily schedule for two weeks, and continue with the herbals and practices for 45 days”. I thought that after two weeks he’d check to see how I was holding up and then I had to keep going with just papaya and rice water. I will find out soon who’s right!


  2. Oh wow…yes, I can see the need for clarification☺️ But sounds like it’s going well for you with no hunger. That’s amazing to me that you are sustained with so little. I have juice fasted and felt great because of the greens. Not sure how I would do with rice water carbs.


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