D Day

That’s tomorrow 8/15/16. I am embarking on a 45 day protocol prescribed by Dr. Sumit  Kesarkar which will help reset my metabolic intelligence at the cellular level. You do it once and that’s it. check out the Marmayog youtube channel if you’re curious. Also I can only  answer questions about what’s going on with me as I do this because I only took a two day workshop and I am having a hard time deciphering my notes from 2 months ago.So google the good Dr. for better answers. I get the feeling that he is not a fan of Ashtanga yoga, but we can work around that. My friend D who is trained in Ayurveda gave me a good tip for perspective: She said look at this protocol as a gift that you have been fortunate to receive, instead of as a challenge that you must overcome. I took that to heart because it switched on a lightbulb.


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