Fashion is overvalued

At least for those of us who love to both eat, sweat, and  look decent but comfortable. By decent I don’t mean just being covered, I mean feeling confident and happy with what you’re wearing. I’ve been watching everyone around me switch from the basic black legging to the wild print legging until it was just me and the guys in solid colored bottoms. My pal Jen Calderon clued me in as to where to find some prints to experiment with which would not be $100 (you cannot walk around after practice in wild floral or tie die like you do in basic black, sorry so no) at Victoria’s secret. Those work. I got carried away and saw some Adiddas patterned ones at Costco for a song and threw them into the cart. They are maybe good for running or weight lifting? Because those thing grab you so tight in the knees and upper legs that good luck with Padmasana and all the seated poses. The last thing you need during practice is to do battle with your clothes.Teacher said cute pants and I answered thanks but they’re not coming back.


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