Whatta Guy

My father in law Kevin is in the process of leaving his body today. Things went thankfully fast from feeling weak and out of sorts to getting a really bad diagnosis. We just came back from Atlanta where he has been living to say our farewells. While there, we bought him every flavor of Jeni’s ice cream which was the only thing he could keep down and it was a tie between brambleberry and salted caramel. He could only handle a spoonful  at the most. Kevin did not marry until well into his 40’s. Before that, he had an apartment in Turtle Bay which was covered in white shag carpet. He lived across the street for Katherine Hepburn’s town house and in the same building as Paul Newman’s pied de terre at the time. He had a penchant for dating Braniff flight attendants  and many of them came to his wedding when he married Ray’s mom Jane. Jane was a neighbor of Kevin’s brother John (a pilot who married a TWA flight attendant) in Rowayton CT. She was a young  widow with seven children. They hit it off got married, had two more kids and he put them all through college. Kevin taught all his grandkids very early on to like stilton cheese and to compete for the olive of his martini. He made all his daughters in law believe she was his favorite.



6 thoughts on “Whatta Guy

  1. Just read this, sweet one. I am so sorry! What a wonderful man and what a lovely tribute. I share the same feeling of gratitude, about marrying into great clans. Grateful too, to have the same sort of amazing FIL…who also happens to be 89, and is still cruising along on all cylinders and happy and alight with gratitude for his amazing life and family – albeit, he is totally ready to see his beloved again, too.

    Would that we all had a bit of their wisdom and light. It’s easily overlooked these days.

    Sending a hug and a kiss. 🙂


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