Paramaguru Merch

I acknowledge that I am not taking this title as seriously as a devout religious person would. I would not say that it is a promotion, like from VP to CEO all though I do like to refer to Sharath as the Boss but with affection and respect. Not like the reverence given to let’s say archbishops promoted to cardinals or whatever, I don’t know. All I want to say is that this honorary title was given with affection and gratitude by some well meaning members of a relieved and pleased community. If you are not familiar with the T shirts that come out of the former Broome Street Temple and have not seen the beautiful ones designed for Sharath’s tour, you are missing out on owning one which comes along with a sense of humor. There is no one less interested in pomp and fancy titles than Eddie Stern. I missed out on collecting T shirts from meaningful concert venues in my youth, but am catching up on collecting swag from memorable moments shared among people who spend their mornings sweating in silence like I do and we celebrate the occasions when we sweat together with memorabilia. In this particular instance the lion you see printed on the ones from the NYC venue was drawn/designed by Sharath who also inked it onto his right shoulder. Life can be fun while you do your job, yes? Ashtanga is serious business but it is taught best by people with a light heart and a sense of humor.

FullSizeRenderIMG_2887 2


6 thoughts on “Paramaguru Merch

  1. There were several styles with different captions-all sold out. I think I heard all or portions of sales go to charities supported by KPJAYI and the Brooklyn Yoga club. Adding a photo of mine to the post.


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