Sharath Tour 2016

Let’s start with perfect weather, zero humidity high seventies and cloudless skies. Let’s follow with my favorite count, which is Sharath’s clip (except Navasana and Utpluti of course) which leaves you wiped out drenched and scrubs your mind clean. Was in need but did not give in, of a nap because I also clocked in 7 and 8 mile walks every day according to my phone’s step tracker. Nice to see friends from far away and enjoy meals  together both in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Nice to meet new people too. Eddie and the people at Brooklyn Yoga Club were such graceful and laid back hosts. An entire brownstone with a back yard, and  cafe where you can hang out as long as you want. I bought the tour shirt, did other venues have a tour shirt? but I will not slow the line to take a photo with the boss. I understand if you know it’s your only chance, and do not know if you will ever get to see him again, otherwise just thank the boss and move it along so the next class can start on time. I heard the pranayama classes were a tad short for the $55 that they cost. Nice to see David Swenson practicing close by.  Final tour etiquette tip: If you just had surgery, are hearing impaired, are prone to anxiety attacks (all three cases made a bee line to my spot) please make the effort I made to show up at least half an hour ahead, instead of just walking in and asking me if I would mind giving them my  corner spot ( one yes and two nope sorry). I also got a pretty great hair cut nearby waay under Manhattan or New Canaan prices. Had to leave one day early because Mag had to come back for an unexpected gig but I do welcome this day as a day off, although I will take the train in tonight to say goodbye to the Mexican and Venezuelan delegation as they get ready to fly to Miami!  These ashtangis decided that if they were going to come to the USA they might as well follow the tour.


2 thoughts on “Sharath Tour 2016

  1. Sounds idyllic! Didn’t know Mag moved back to Brooklyn — so great to have had a place to stay! I would have been knackered and needed that nap. Love love the new hair too. xoxo


    • Actually it is a pied de terre studio in Prospect Heights in what used to be a hospital for nurse training back in the day. They got tired of couch surfing when they had business meetings in the city. They are still in the Hudson Valley. The need for a nap may have also been related to having quit coffee and tea :/ >


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