Rape Culture

Contaminates and ruins the most safe and consoling places in one’s life. Yesterday I found out that it has contaminated the two communities in my life that I thought were the most protected from this type of violence: My yoga community and My Alma Mater’s Alumni Association. One of them already failed in being on the side of justice and I am hoping the other one does not act like nothing happened. I was all pumped up about practicing in community during the next few days and now I am dragging my feet in packing my bag. ugh.


2 thoughts on “Rape Culture

  1. No, don’t be discouraged. This is an even more important time to stand together against rape and sexual assault while keeping in mind that action is being taken and conversations are being had behind-the-scenes, even if it appears as if nothing is happening. Keep the faith and enjoy the next week! xoxoxox


    • Thanks D. I was informed those two awful incidents on the same day. I had just sent my annual contribution to my college when I found out that they had covered up a rape and had the victim and the rapist graduate in the same tiny class. I cannot even believe what happened among our community. The more I think about it the less surprised I should be I am so sorry to say. But you are right, there are more good people among us than predators. I know I have watched people make themselves vulnerable to danger. It is the teacher’s vow and responsibility to deactivate that dynamic.


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