As A Feminist

…I should be thrilled about the outcome of the primaries. I am so sad that I am not. A plutocrat is not good for a democracy no matter what gender. Is it better than a deranged, petulant and vain toddler in a man’s body? Yep.

This is day three of no coffee for me. I have been drinking coffee since I was 8 or 9 years old. I think I’m going to make it. Here is a tip: if  you get up at 5 AM, go to bed at 9:30PM  and quit coffee, your Savasana /Sukhasana is long and heavenly.  The rest of your day though, is mix of fog and stupor (for now anyway).

Highly recommend checking out Dr. Sumit Kesarkar. We were lucky enough to have him at our shala this past weekend since he was going to be in the tri-state area and one of the members of our community had a connection to him from having interviewed him for a documentary called Healing the Mind-The Synthesis of Ayurved and Western Psychiatry. At some point there will be a lot of rice slurry and papaya in my future 🙂



3 thoughts on “As A Feminist

    • During my consult with the good Dr. He explained that women who have undergone a total or partial hysterectomy place tremendous stress on the adrenal glands and we over produce cortisol which will never allow us to get a good night’s sleep, lose weight, or start a new adventure. Coffee exacerbates the situation, as does any kind of tea. Good thing I had been playing around with drinking plain hot water. He thinks we can reset my body to reroute the energies to flow in an organized manner, after I finish the protocol he prepared for me.

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