I am completely aware that I am about to make a generalization, but it is not too far fetched. I am hearing a lot of “I don’t know if I’m ready” for Sharath’s visit to NYC both in person and online. It references all sorts of things such as: My asanas are not in top form, I still cannot nail xyz ( yours truly here, got asked by the boss “still not coming all the way up?”  last October, with a friendly giggle at the end so I get it), to I have gotten pudgy and my tops or my pants are a bit ragged and I want new spiffy ones. It is like a HS/ College reunion or a family celebration where you want to look good while seeing people you enjoy. I am happily convinced that all that melts away when we all hear Samasthiti. So in the words of many poets both ancient and modern:

“Come as you are”


2 thoughts on “Acceptance

    • I am an older practitioner and have a perhaps laid back perspective because of that. We come together to breathe freely right? Not to say that there are no preeners, this is NY after all, but that is interesting too. You come! 😊

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