It only takes 8 years to figure out that the first hot day of the year is great for binding and folding during practice, but if you tend to overheat you also get a touch of diarrhea. For years, every time I practiced in Miami at shalas with no AC , I would get the runs, and then blame my sister’s kids or bad food for it. This makes me wonder if I could ever handle doing the yoga in south India. Sharing this here, it may be a kapha thing or not. It is the kind of post that would look like an overshare in an FB group.


7 thoughts on “TMI/PSA

  1. Does it continue, or is it just the first couple of days of heat. I always find the deeper the twist and better the bind, the more I feel like I’m wringing out my guts and “clear out” more regularly. Maybe that’s TMI


      • Read my mind Shaz. Definitely the yoga chikitsa. I had been feeling a prelude of sorts since Sunday with “the restless leg syndrome” as soon as lay down for Savasana. Teacher asked me to cool down with pranayama that time. All this from the one who said “everything but my practice” Lol.


  2. And yes Kevin, we tune into our bodies and clean out all the physical and energetic blockages. Tomorrow is another day and I am thankful to be able to stand on my mat and do what I can on that day.

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