Yesterday my age turned into the last two digits of my birth year. Thought about a bunch of cool things I have learned so far. The one I decided to share is this one: At one point I realized that I have what I claimed I always wanted, which is to be able to abide in the place where I keep all I wished for and now have. I also realized that for many of us, having reached that point is a bit scary, because in order to collect or want more, we have to discard, as well as keep leaving what we built or created  to go make more cash to bring in or replace more stuff or experiences into our lives. We are sort of terrified of the idea of contentment or satisfaction while claiming that this is what we want. It is almost as if we assign the same meaning to the phrase “I am satisfied” and to  “I give up”.  In both cases, it is the only moment in which something original and revelatory happens.


2 thoughts on “1958

  1. Maria, I can relate to this very much. I’ve somehow ended up in the position I hoped to be, part time working, time for my practice, but it’s like “here I am,what now?”.


    • Our entire education system as conditioned us to never truly arrive. That quote that says “the journey is the destination” does not take into account the delight one feels from arriving home from any journey.


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