The Sangha

The worldwide Ashtanga community is sweet and adorable even though Ashtangis are thought of as being Cliquish (maybe not a real word) and maybe a little impatient with mental weakness. The mind of course being the first part of ourselves to get out of shape if we stop our practice for more than what used to be a Ladies Holiday. I was going to take day 5 off after a very trying week of loud sneezing, mucus and tears running down my face constantly and with no means to contain it. Being in public was out of the question without freeing my hands to hold a hankie to my nose at all times. This morning as Beck’s Morning Phase woke me up, I was deciding to make it a week off when my friend Anika all the way from London convinced me to get up and get going while I was lolling around checking out what happened on facebook while I was snoring. Cybershala support is real people. She was also responding to another Ashtangi’s request for guidance on what to do for a few hours in Jakarta. I love this gang.


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