As much as I like learning and communing with fellow minded folks, I must admit that I no longer have the stamina to go around yoga workshopping far from home. Having said that, The Brooklyn Yoga Club is the prettiest, most welcoming shala I have ever been to, and if you live nearby you really should just make it your hang out. I thinks it’s going to be books and my practice from now on. I will confess I already feel tired just thinking of that week in June with Sharath. I will let you know if this passes but for now I think that going to Mysore may have been something I was thinking  just to impress myself. Feeling the need to stay grounded to my own floor. It is time again to fluff up the nest with an exterior and interior paint job. This will be the third time I change the house color (exterior) Each time my friend Constance who was Martha Stewart’s first art director is horrified by my choice and then eventually forgives me along with the rest of the neighborhood. I have kept the same colors in the interior but now Farrow and Ball have betrayed me by changing the colors. Looking in vain so for a replacement for what they now call middleton pink  but isn’t!!


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