Late April favorites

Stetch linen

Gratitude by Oliver Sachs

My Ellen Tracy tan rain coat for $69.99 from Century 21

Last minute stays at The Conrad  battery Park City. They don’t appear on websites but you can walk in and ask. You can get a $450+  room for  $209 and it is bigger than any NY apartment ( real apt. not studio apt.) the shower alone is worth the stay. They have original art everywhere. Shelves of  design and art coffee table books. and Nespresso machines with lots of coffee pods in every room.

The best bread in the world comes from Bien Cuit in Brooklyn. Served at all Danny Meyer restos.

realizing that my eyeglass prescription from 2011 is better than my most recent one and that Warby Parker is fun but you have to spend on frames and a good prescription. (Long  live Byblos and Versace).

Looking forward to attending the 4 Vidyas workshop at the Brooklyn Yoga Club. Asana in the burbs at the  home shala in the AM then train and PM  lectures  in Bklyn ( don’t make things harder than they have to be)

Also this not a a favorite. If you are constantly  lecturing about, deconstructing,  and analyzing,  guru/yoga/sex scandals, you begin to sound more like a gossip columnist and less like an activist teacher.


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