It only takes 8 years to figure out that the first hot day of the year is great for binding and folding during practice, but if you tend to overheat you also get a touch of diarrhea. For years, every time I practiced in Miami at shalas with no AC , I would get the runs, and then blame my sister’s kids or bad food for it. This makes me wonder if I could ever handle doing the yoga in south India. Sharing this here, it may be a kapha thing or not. It is the kind of post that would look like an overshare in an FB group.

May Stuff

Here is my partial summer reading pile: 

  here is an unfortunately delicious cocktail called There can be only one: 

  12 year old scotch, a dollop of honey, lemon juice, shake and pour over ice and that fancy lemon burn slice is garnish.

Also, let’s not rain on the parade of the person who just discovered Ashtanga and is repeating all the discoveries and the questions and the comments that we made/heard way back in the day. It is as petty as smirking at the person that just heard or found your favorite for those in the know artist. That sense of superiority means the yoga is only half working.


Yesterday my age turned into the last two digits of my birth year. Thought about a bunch of cool things I have learned so far. The one I decided to share is this one: At one point I realized that I have what I claimed I always wanted, which is to be able to abide in the place where I keep all I wished for and now have. I also realized that for many of us, having reached that point is a bit scary, because in order to collect or want more, we have to discard, as well as keep leaving what we built or created  to go make more cash to bring in or replace more stuff or experiences into our lives. We are sort of terrified of the idea of contentment or satisfaction while claiming that this is what we want. It is almost as if we assign the same meaning to the phrase “I am satisfied” and to  “I give up”.  In both cases, it is the only moment in which something original and revelatory happens.

The Sangha

The worldwide Ashtanga community is sweet and adorable even though Ashtangis are thought of as being Cliquish (maybe not a real word) and maybe a little impatient with mental weakness. The mind of course being the first part of ourselves to get out of shape if we stop our practice for more than what used to be a Ladies Holiday. I was going to take day 5 off after a very trying week of loud sneezing, mucus and tears running down my face constantly and with no means to contain it. Being in public was out of the question without freeing my hands to hold a hankie to my nose at all times. This morning as Beck’s Morning Phase woke me up, I was deciding to make it a week off when my friend Anika all the way from London convinced me to get up and get going while I was lolling around checking out what happened on facebook while I was snoring. Cybershala support is real people. She was also responding to another Ashtangi’s request for guidance on what to do for a few hours in Jakarta. I love this gang.


As much as I like learning and communing with fellow minded folks, I must admit that I no longer have the stamina to go around yoga workshopping far from home. Having said that, The Brooklyn Yoga Club is the prettiest, most welcoming shala I have ever been to, and if you live nearby you really should just make it your hang out. I thinks it’s going to be books and my practice from now on. I will confess I already feel tired just thinking of that week in June with Sharath. I will let you know if this passes but for now I think that going to Mysore may have been something I was thinking  just to impress myself. Feeling the need to stay grounded to my own floor. It is time again to fluff up the nest with an exterior and interior paint job. This will be the third time I change the house color (exterior) Each time my friend Constance who was Martha Stewart’s first art director is horrified by my choice and then eventually forgives me along with the rest of the neighborhood. I have kept the same colors in the interior but now Farrow and Ball have betrayed me by changing the colors. Looking in vain so for a replacement for what they now call middleton pink  but isn’t!!

Late April favorites

Stetch linen

Gratitude by Oliver Sachs

My Ellen Tracy tan rain coat for $69.99 from Century 21

Last minute stays at The Conrad  battery Park City. They don’t appear on websites but you can walk in and ask. You can get a $450+  room for  $209 and it is bigger than any NY apartment ( real apt. not studio apt.) the shower alone is worth the stay. They have original art everywhere. Shelves of  design and art coffee table books. and Nespresso machines with lots of coffee pods in every room.

The best bread in the world comes from Bien Cuit in Brooklyn. Served at all Danny Meyer restos.

realizing that my eyeglass prescription from 2011 is better than my most recent one and that Warby Parker is fun but you have to spend on frames and a good prescription. (Long  live Byblos and Versace).

Looking forward to attending the 4 Vidyas workshop at the Brooklyn Yoga Club. Asana in the burbs at the  home shala in the AM then train and PM  lectures  in Bklyn ( don’t make things harder than they have to be)

Also this not a a favorite. If you are constantly  lecturing about, deconstructing,  and analyzing,  guru/yoga/sex scandals, you begin to sound more like a gossip columnist and less like an activist teacher.