April seems to be the month where I get to pay for things that I don’t get to use. Like airline tickets and yoga workshop fees. I missed the first day of a week long workshop with David Roche because I was traveling that day. I arrived the next day and even though I had kept up my practice while in Miami, I was completely exhausted and was feeling initial soreness right after the sun salutes. I cannot remember if they were 4 As and 4 Bs or 6 and 6 but they involved a metronome and almost an extra upward dog Chaturanga dip thing before down dog and what seemed like a retention between inhale and exhale.You also chant the names of Surya between each.  By the time Bhujapidasana came along both my ears were clogged shut from the plane ride and, had no stamina, and felt like something had fallen on top of me. On the plus side his instructions stabilized my Virabhadrasanas and opened my thorax with very visualizable way of understanding how your pelvis supports you while you stand. Speaking about standing, you know how you hear about grounding and the role of your heels and toes? He brings it home in way that feels quite powerful  and activates mula bandha right away when you grasp what he is saying. He also spoke of your torso like a mast that holds the sails of your front and back body and how your breath becomes the air that moves those sails. The  arms can be repositioned to really place those armpits and shoulder blades where they belong in order to give support stability and strength. I had lost my hearing when we were doing seated poses but I notice a rounding of the spine that gave a lot more length and room to reach forward and around for binds. Anyway, when I got home I could not climb stairs, get up from sitting or reach up to open a cabinet. I went to bed before 9 and woke up siezed up if you know what I mean, but I went to mysore and did my practice. The rest of the day was spent as a very sore laundress doing many loads. Today I wake up even more sore but by now realize I am actually sick, so I did my voting civic duty (the democrat side of the voting area has half a room while the republican side has two connected ones lol) took some ginger tea, a hot bath and got back into bed. I am hoping to be better by Thursday or again offer this workshop to the flow of life.


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