I am about to put into practice the often verbal remark that yoga has 8 limbs and the third limb is just 1/8th of what we should be practicing and repeating. I am leaving for Miami for ten days to help take care of my mom who is recovering from partial hip replacement surgery after a broken femur. There really is nothing to do since my dad and her full time aide Aura (whom Ray and I pay for) are there 24/7 and she is at a fully staffed rehab center. My sister however insists that I must be there immediately as well, and it is easier to spend the extra airline ticket (I had already booked a non refundable one for 4/20) than to have a tiff with her. our tiffs last so long that the seasons change.

Changing the subject a little, I offered to treat my niece who is obsessed with Kino and some other Kerry beach yoga girl Instagram challenges to one of the led practices with Sharath in June. She said she was worried that her 26 year old self would get stopped because she does not drop back! I told her that I might never drop back in this life time or bind in Mari D but I have been going to Sharath Jamborees for years, and  have never been stopped. She said she would think about it. I wish I could warn people about getting it wrong with what constitutes progress in a yoga practice. It is the repetition of the poses, not the addition of a pose that creates progress and advancement. If it is just the acrobatics you are interested in there are other classes for just that.


2 thoughts on “1/8th

  1. Performance anxiety. I get it — am rebuilding my practice after wrist injuries( golf no less!) and had had butterflies( or more likely, red splotches all over) when going back for Mysore classes with a puny heavily modified half primary practice. The folks at MLC were all totally supportive, it’s a great community. Am sure there will be a positive vibe for the Sharath tour, and hope your niece tries it. If you are in Miami, you should drop in, tons of time slots to choose from. It is now my home Shala when in Miami😄


    • We are conditioned from childhood to react in that manner (reading and math placement) JV or Varsity, on and on) Yoga helps you understand what life is really about. I love going to MLC and getting that cortadito at Las Olas post practice. It is what keeps me sane on family visits. I am afraid this time around it will be home practice on the balcony. I wish you a fast and complete recovery. >


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