How to Create Pain in The Butt

I usually create nice almost 4 mile aztec pyramids on my iphone step tracker on week days(I take weekends off) except when I am exploring a new city or like yesterday when I broke out of a serious case of cabin fever and took the train into Manhattan. Then I  make Mount Kailash 20,580 step mountains That’s 9 miles and change on NYC asphalt wearing Doc Maartens. My left butt needs a professional massage in a place nobody can reach unless they knock me out. That means plan b which will be take it easy and sit not lie, in a salt water bath because I am terrified of getting water into my newly healed ear. Yes that  means I’ve gone a while without washing my hair and I am going to a hair salon just to get that done. Let’s say today was a one sided practice with lots of skipping.


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