Opposites and Balance

Amazing how every body part is necessary to do the yoga. 10 days with a stubborn ear infection that took away the little steadiness I could claim in standing poses and complete vertigo in all forward bending and down dogs makes me grateful for my first full primary in as many days. How we take for granted being able to quickly turn our heads to look at what we want, or to scroll down real fast when we are online without getting dizzy. It makes me love my granny practice so much more and teaches me not to pine for the beautiful practices we all get to watch online and in real time. Now more than ever I am convinced that our community is not divided into fit, athletic, skinny, bodies and less fit, started later in life, pudgy bodies, but into those who think: What is the best spot to put my camera to shoot this practice or this pose, and those of us who quickly decide: Today is totally a 3 navasana, 3 backbends kind of day after the first few suryas when left to our own devices. Those are the  two ends of the spectrum, one group is all gung ho let’s go and the other group is god please help me stay on this mat. All blockages are in the mind.


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