Smart talk, silence, inquiry

I believe in coincidence as a messenger, and think that it was no accident that today on my facebook feed, a vine of Miley Cyrus practicing Ashtanga was right above another post that was featuring this podcast. I miss the Babarazzi even though I was horrified at least once. One thing you cannot call it is lightweight. I thought this interview with Bob Doto was so good, I am posting it even before I’m done with the whole hour plus thing.

I am fascinated by how  everyone(me included) is so into knowing which celebrity has a “real” practice, and how proficient-  not just posing for the publicity shot. Oh, and who is her/his teacher. At least in NY and LA I am sure people attend a class hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrity, and we watch who appears in who’s instagram feed. It’s all fine as long as you also get on the mat instead of just monitoring.


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