Nice Things from March

wrap around skirts made from recycled saris. Many sellers but I like the project from I am the owner of six. #summersolved


This Memoir in letters from Mary Louise Parker. Every sentence is perfect. Please don’t let this be the only thing you publish.


Hot water, no lemon, just hot water is a pleasure to drink. I totally understand if you don’t believe me.

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My  89  year old mom on the phone after partial hip replacement surgery. “I think my lady soccer playing dreams have been shattered”. The nurses will be entertained all week. Mami takes her guest duties seriously.

How to Create Pain in The Butt

I usually create nice almost 4 mile aztec pyramids on my iphone step tracker on week days(I take weekends off) except when I am exploring a new city or like yesterday when I broke out of a serious case of cabin fever and took the train into Manhattan. Then I  make Mount Kailash 20,580 step mountains That’s 9 miles and change on NYC asphalt wearing Doc Maartens. My left butt needs a professional massage in a place nobody can reach unless they knock me out. That means plan b which will be take it easy and sit not lie, in a salt water bath because I am terrified of getting water into my newly healed ear. Yes that  means I’ve gone a while without washing my hair and I am going to a hair salon just to get that done. Let’s say today was a one sided practice with lots of skipping.


Opposites and Balance

Amazing how every body part is necessary to do the yoga. 10 days with a stubborn ear infection that took away the little steadiness I could claim in standing poses and complete vertigo in all forward bending and down dogs makes me grateful for my first full primary in as many days. How we take for granted being able to quickly turn our heads to look at what we want, or to scroll down real fast when we are online without getting dizzy. It makes me love my granny practice so much more and teaches me not to pine for the beautiful practices we all get to watch online and in real time. Now more than ever I am convinced that our community is not divided into fit, athletic, skinny, bodies and less fit, started later in life, pudgy bodies, but into those who think: What is the best spot to put my camera to shoot this practice or this pose, and those of us who quickly decide: Today is totally a 3 navasana, 3 backbends kind of day after the first few suryas when left to our own devices. Those are the  two ends of the spectrum, one group is all gung ho let’s go and the other group is god please help me stay on this mat. All blockages are in the mind.

Smart talk, silence, inquiry

I believe in coincidence as a messenger, and think that it was no accident that today on my facebook feed, a vine of Miley Cyrus practicing Ashtanga was right above another post that was featuring this podcast. I miss the Babarazzi even though I was horrified at least once. One thing you cannot call it is lightweight. I thought this interview with Bob Doto was so good, I am posting it even before I’m done with the whole hour plus thing.

I am fascinated by how  everyone(me included) is so into knowing which celebrity has a “real” practice, and how proficient-  not just posing for the publicity shot. Oh, and who is her/his teacher. At least in NY and LA I am sure people attend a class hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrity, and we watch who appears in who’s instagram feed. It’s all fine as long as you also get on the mat instead of just monitoring.

Collective Delusion

Is what we are experiencing as a country. I stopped checking out YogaDork’s site awhile ago because either I outgrew it or else it became sort of a gossip celebrities doing yoga site. I went there yesterday because I have been sidelined with an ear infection that has me lying down on my side to avoid both pain and vertigo so my iPhone has been the only source of entertainment and I have of course overindulged. Anyway, I find this post about How Bernie has taught this person yoga through observing his attitude and behavior and I lost it. Not because she said anything that would be considered untrue but because someone’s yoga practice is a place of refuge, not a place to sell  your candidate’s qualities no matter how wonderful they are. And that is before I read the comments. Too bad I was not dizzy enough not to leave one. You can view it here to see how I got suckered into reacting to one comment.  She hooked me by associating Trump’s platform to the Mangala Mantra. I know, shame on me for falling for that bait, but please remember that I am on antibiotics and pain killers as well as bored out of my mind. I bring this up because I went ahead and checked this commenter’s blog and it changed how I feel about the flexibility of learning Ashtanga from just anybody or from a card. There she announces that in a year and two weeks she now has has learned Primary, Intermediate, and 3rd by taking LED classes. Somewhere somebody is teaching led 3rd series.  I suppose that is not against any law and you probably can learn that in acrobat school down in Sarasota, but it was hard to read. I know this person is not the only intense (when I really mean unhinged) person who practices advanced asana and does not care or know that Ashtanga means eight and there are 7 more things to learn how to practice. What bothers me is that people will think that Ashtanga is just the difficult asana and that you have to be a mofo badass in order to practice. What a really have to learn is to use the southern saying “Bless her heart” and truly mean it.


Things I read and Remembered

“Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them” Unknown  (to me at least)

“Basically your fear acts like a mall cop who thinks he’s a navy SEAL: He hasn’t slept in days, He’s all hopped up on Red Bull and he’s liable to shoot at his own shadow in an absurd effort to keep everybody *safe*. ”  Elizabeth Gilbert

The following is a take away from a very long post that Grimmly wrote  recently:

No matter how authorized and how certified, or how gifted without neither of those two things your teacher is, or how many times you have gone to study at the source, eventually you will have to do the work alone and by yourself.

And this from the feed of  the Ashtanga home practitioners network Facebook feed:

“I get it. Working this system is like counting dog years. 7 years of human practice = 1 ashtanga year.” Stanka Kordic

I begin my 8th ashtanga anniversary year today as we celebrate Shivaratri  this evening on this new moon.

You know you have been around for a bit when you see the fourth cycle of a post accusing Guruji of abuse like it was a newly discovered  bombshell that no one heard the first 3 times. Not only have I no way to verify if it is true or not, but I also have no idea why this gets recycled by people whom I know have published it several times as well without the result they seem to seek out.


You can tell if a person lives a reasonably charmed life if one of the biggest challenges of her day is not to reject or try to dodge a yoga practices that demands her effort and pokes at her fears. And you know things are bad inside her head if she rushes to that practice, adds on a 7 mile walk and reads and reads and reads fiction and memoir but drops the self help book she was loving because thinking altruistically or creatively while everyone is parading the ugly and the mean, seems like disengaging from reality. Seeing that it is not the candidate but the electorate who is the authentic fascist is way scarier than  doing 5  backbends instead of 3. Anything but what is playing right now in our home stage.