February Recommendations

I used to do this consistently with my first blog and I am thinking I’m going to bring it back. I, with the help of Marie Kondo’s first book cleaned out about 100 books of myself help book collection (that day was a cannot stop laughing day btw). So now I have room to replenish. My first item is from the both loved and hated Elizabeth Gilbert. I am team Elizabeth, along with team Martha Beck, and team Anne Lamott.  Due to a synchronicity I know I’ll read this twice:


If you loved Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge (not Olive herself but the book) you will love this one. Added benefit: therapy for your beef with your mama.


And finally, I caved in, and joining every housewife in Fairfield County and Tribeca by readying this. Signora Ferrante, we need more books.


And for last, a way to learn to love vegan not just because it’s good for you. Made my first meal which you already know if you follow me on social media. I love Mark Bittman and I think he is on to something here.


Oh, and  today I was reminded that silence is best in the Mysore room. One of the sweetest people I know made a  quiet  sympathetic comment to a new practitioner who was next to her, after a difficult pose, and she almost got her head bitten off. We were all so rattled, nobody knew what to do or where to look. So shhhh okay? That Nadi Shodana is no joke.


4 thoughts on “February Recommendations

  1. We have been KonMaring the heck out of our house — culling and culling. Chucking and throwing and recycling and donating and selling. I am not necessarily Team Elizabeth but definitely Team Anne. And kismet! I’m designing Martha Beck’s latest book 🙂 so for sure I am Team Martha. I also just got the first of those Neapolitan novels and so far, I like but do not yet love. There is still time. I guess I’m still getting over my love affair with “A Suitable Boy”. Maybe India just speaks more to me than intense Italians. And as for silence OMG yes please. Poor student who got scolded. She must feel terrible.

    Hooray for Maria recommendations!


    • Elizabeth is giving me quiet the pep talk right now! Oooo how cool! Martha’s sense of humor is so uplifiting which is not an easy thing to combine. I agree with the like part on Ferrante, I am just happy that there is a pile to read. I felt terrible for both but teacher fixed everything. She is a gifted holder of space. >

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  2. so Elizabeth is worth the read? maybe I’ll give it a go. And I know exactly what you mean about ‘a pile to read’! that was one of the reasons I started the first Ferrante book… there is something soothing about having an epic in front of you. The mysore silence thing is so unusual it takes new people awhile to adapt, but it’s addictive. In Boston we once had a led class that was open to the other yoga students and afterwards they all start talking like excited magpies and the look of horror on the ashtangis faces was priceless.


    • I can confidently say that you will enjoy her pep talk. They energies in every room are all different. I should clarify that I meant “NEW” to the room not to the practice. Everything smooth and easy today just like weather passing. 🙂 >


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