Cabin Fever Musings

I went out to a beautiful dinner party last Saturday which was the coldest night of the year and had the grandest time. This however is not my usual recent  behavior. I  have noticed that in the past three years, the urge to hibernate along with the squirrels, the bears, and the garden, grows stronger. Interesting side effect is that when you do go out you have a lot to say and people seem to enjoy it. I gave my dinner table mates my ideas on Facebook, blog, and twitter manners, and they and I were both shocked an entertained by the amount of head space I have dedicated to such matters. I nice young man even suggested I should share widely, so I will here. These are musings, thoughts, suggestions, NOT judgments, edicts, orders okay?

When your friends leave Facebook, it is a good idea to remove delete them form your list. Why? because if they decide to return, you have given them the option to include you back,  by sending a request, otherwise they might be stuck with the same people who were driving them crazy and trying to avoid. You are helping them and also yourself by knowing where you stand.

If a blog you follow goes private and you did not get a message about it, it is safe to assume that this privacy includes privacy from you. You can go ahead and make a request, but that is really forcing the bloggers hand and /or you might not enjoy the lack of response.

Even though nobody does this anymore, it is nice to thank the person who shares a post or a tweet you really enjoy by mentioning them. It is silly to pretend that you pluck all this stuff from the web ether without anyone else contributing to your procrastinating edification.

Twitter is most dangerous to your peace of mind when you follow people who use it to provoke and  or to release frustration. Which is a valid use for twitter in my opinion, but i suggest that you do not respond to subject matter that even though it informs and even might enlighten you, does not constitute an invitation to support or to correct. The idiotic heart button is enough to express your support if you follow people active on for example blacktwitter, or a spat between  Lindy West vs Patton Oswalt. And realdonaldtrump is not going to read your tweet and his trolls will.

Finally, do not flood anyone on your feed to like causes, or businesses, or whatever it is to like unless it has personal significance to both of us. I feel the Bern but I am not going to like and flood my entire feed with everything you ask me to like.

I  am however very grateful when someone shares the name of a good book,  or a good place to eat or visit. I notice people don’t do enough of that.

In a previous blog this would go under the rant category which was my most popular btw.


3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Musings

  1. a good book about love: The Little Paris Bookshop. Also rereading Laure Colwin’s books and stories, which I believe you might enjoy if you never read them in the 80s (as I did), because they focus on domestic happiness, food, and finding one’s equilibrium.


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