Glad I am able to post, since I for some careless reason paid twice for my new domain, could not contact a human at WordPress, and had to involve amex. WordPress was going to freeze my site for 75 days or let me post if I gave them $20 for disputing the extra fee. So I did, and I managed to save 6 of the dollars I double fee I paid them. Customer service is no longer a concept.  Here is what I have been wondering lately: I know yoga is not a religion but if you do it long enough, it does become a spiritual practice that permeates most aspects of our daily lives and therefore affects the lives of those who live with us. I look longingly at spouses who practice together and wonder how it worked out. We did try together for about three months, but he could only come to class on weekends and it fell by the wayside since his workday starts around 6 AM visiting the sites he is managing. I can’t even imagine what it would take to have an 8 limb practice raising a family with school age children. I know people say Guruji, Sharath, and many senior teachers are householders, but they have an Amma, a Shruti, a Saraswati, a family member that holds the fort. So back to all about me, I know a lot of  yearly Mysore visitors have supportive spouses who hold the fort for a month or longer while they are away. I am already paranoid about wanting to attend some workshop AND go back to India. I feel like I am hogging most of our discretionary budget which for most of our lives together, we have spent it on things we both enjoy and want to participate in.  I wonder if it was easy flow from the beginning for the Mysore student frequent traveler, or it got easier with time.


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    • Oh I can have my trip, Ray is the more laid back half of this unit when it comes to spending. Neither one of us particularly enjoys long separations though. Two actors, two athletes, two artists, any pair with a serious devotion need to negotiate space time and resources I suppose. >

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  1. Boy, do I know how you feel. I have compounded my situation by working for my husband. I have more time to get away than he does so I always feel guilty leaving him behind to do the work I do for him. Which he totally hates, by the way. Oh and he makes more money right now than I do so he pays the bills for most of everything to keep a roof over our head and food on the table while I just pay for a couple of things. I even worked out a system where if I am away for a few days, I can still do his work from a laptop somewhere else. That I’ll never do in India though. All this however does not keep me from wanderlust. I take the cliché/motto “you only live once” (at least in the present body), very seriously. So I continue to scheme and plan my next journey, even if it’s just in my head😃


    • Thanks for sharing Sara. Even though I know that ashtanga has more male practitioners than other asana practices, the majority of people in every room I’ve been in are women. So this must be a very common situation, with several angles to approach it, judging be the numbers of people (again mostly female) who make the trip. I do want to acknowledge that there are those whose sadhana is such a mission that they risk everything, the way someone who gets accepted to a very prestigious place of learning does whatever it takes to take advantage of the opportunity. But it is more precarious every day to get into that “medical school” financial commitment.

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  2. My husband was supportive from the first trip. And he wasn’t surprised when I wanted to go back the next year. Just back from 5th trip & at this point it’s an annual event — I only stay a month at a time & sometimes I feel sad that I can’t stay longer, but then I get a clue & realize how lucky I am.


    • Ha, You Madam and our friend N, were on my mind as I was writing that post. I was thinking that when I read your posts and see mentions of you in our friends’ feeds, you are the role model/poster person for a victorious Mysore student. It goes without saying that most of us make a financial/budgetary adjustment to be able to travel and stay for a month. Leaving your daily comings and goings for a month requires active participation from everyone in it. Unlike you, both my husband and I were surprised at how strong my desire was to return to India. I thought it would be sort of a bucket list item that I was able to make a reality and remember with fondness. My original plan last fall was to go on the Namarupa Yatra and continue on to Mysore to study with Saraswati but I never heard back after sending my application. Of course when I told her she said- You come no problem, but I had round trip tickets and travel commitments with others by then. Maybe I need to complete that part of the journey.


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