Your Teacher

I am so thankful for my own teacher who is taking 16 of her students to India as I write. That is dedication. You know what I’m saying if you have ever been part of a class trip as a teacher or as a parent. The conditions change little with the student’s age. Fortunately for her a lot of her students on this trip are former teachers themselves. Still, being responsible for safety,  well being,  and the introduction to India is a big deal. Your teacher is not that person that you take workshops from, or who has the famous shala, or  one of the headliners in the yoga festival. They are always traveling, with pre planned schedules of a year in advance. They are inspiring us and have excellent instruction tips, but they are not nurturing your progress every morning in the Mysore room. Your teacher is in the room every morning, sending you an email if she has not seen you in a few days to make sure you are okay, not to guilt you in to coming in. Your teacher either runs the shala or has a travel schedule. That is why staying in Mysore for at least a month makes sense. How else would Sharath be able to help your practice if he was always traveling and doing retreats and workshops? I am not saying you can never leave your students unattended, I am saying that your teacher is the one who has a home base where you can spend time learning there. It is a stable and steady place that you travel to find knowledge if you don’t have anyone close by, or are yourself a teacher who needs nurturing as well. The traveling teacher is also a wonderful resource but not the one who knows your practice.



5 thoughts on “Your Teacher

  1. Well said. I would treasure a regular teacher even though I love taking workshops with the “famous teachers” ☺️ There is lots to be learned from both I think but wow, to have a teacher truly know what your body needs to progress is priceless. Hope your teacher and group won’t be gone too long. I’d be missing the energy of the 16 others too! Is there anyone left to practice with at your Shala?


    • I am a big fan of yoga tourism. I love visiting shalas in the cities I visit. I’ve been to the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence in San Diego 3 times and have done a couple of Christmas in Miami with Kino because my parents live there. I admire and respect all the famous teachers but I would not call them my teachers just because I spent a week with them. If you are blessed with someone who maintains a practice space for you, call that person your teacher. There are 3 other teachers holding the fort at the shala and most of us had to stay behind and check their adventure on FB 😊


  2. Would love to go to Confluence some day. Right now I home practice as there are no Shalas near me. I hope to move closer to NYC next year though and find a steady teacher there ☺️


    • “A true teacher does not seek followers” Sharath. It is a vow to service not an option to make a living. Very few people can, most cannot and need partner support or another source of income. It is a choice that should be more appreciated and respected.


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