I am terrible with dates and keeping track of how long since or on this day today kind of stuff. I am going to go ahead and estimate and calculate that I have had a sitting practice for more than 20 years. This means that I sit every day now most days for 40 minutes ( I’ve timed my self created session) sometimes two 15 minute sessions, and very seldom a 10 minute hold yourself together woman please session  when it is all I can do. My Pema Chodron complete collection has survived all the purges to my epic self help book collections. So have my Richard Epstein Books, my Eckhart Tolle phase ( Thank you Oprah) books, my Jon Kabat Zinn, my Chogyam Trungpa,  And all the books me best friend has given me from the New Kadampa Tradition of which she is a teacher. To this I have recently added  some Daniel Ingram and some Shinzen Young. This is what I can remember and still have, who knows what else I’ve read and did not keep, so it is sort of a miracle that I can sit at all with all this swirling in my head. This is not a complaint, it is sort of a preface to sharing that sitting is way less complicated and way more amazing that what I had cobbled for myself during these years, a testament to yes you can teach an old doggie new tricks, or like they say in Spanish, you actually can teach an old parrot how to speak (loro viejo no aprende a hablar). I am on day 5 of David Cain’s Camp Calm, and as you know I run out of steam when writing, but I cannot recommend his two books enough (he may have more) if you want to clean up/clarify/begin/change/recharge your sitting practice.





6 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. Hmmm… perhaps I should consider. I’ve stopped sitting & have sort of given up on life. [Restrains urge to self deprecate] My new lair will look a lot better with my eyes firmly shut! lol. Perhaps I could start sitting for 3 hours a day…


  2. Cool, thanks for those recommendations. My crazy busy mind makes it hard for me to sit but I still try for even 15-20 minutes a day☺️


  3. Not meaning to oversimplify camp calm, but the whole deal seems to be about letting your crazy mind be crazy without scolding it. He makes so much sense and he is very economical with words which I love.


  4. You do not know me but I started reading serene flavor when I was in Switzerland for years without a Shala and needed cyber- help to get back on the mat. Your commentaries have always rung so true and I have had several ‘omg I was wondering the same’ moments while reading. So, I need to start a more focused meditation and have no guide. So voila, you posted!! I will give Cain a try and I thank you for writing☺️


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