I am a sucker for a good story followed by a rational explanation in modern lingo. I also believe in coincidence/synchronicity or whatever you want to call it.  A couple of weeks ago, the word Ekadashi flashed on one of my many online haunts and I clicked and read. It turns out that  the packet my ayurvedic practitioner gave me two years ago mentions that I should fast once a week and I pretended it was one of several options. This year I found myself a Ekadashi calendar and am going to give it a whirl. Today is the first day. I do not even know why I have been stubborn about it since fasting is my favorite cure for the common cold, stomach flu, and other common ailments. It is not hard for me, although breaking the fast is not a pretty sight. I’m going to work on that part too. If you are interested you can read about it here even though it is not the fanciest format or from the MayoClinic.


2 thoughts on “Ekadashi

  1. Happy New Year☺️
    I find fasting once a week to be really good for me. I actually do a form of intermittent fasting most days. I leave a 12 – 14 hour window between dinner and breakfast. I do have coffee before morning practice but no food until after. I feel it has really helped me with weight and energy too. And also after reading the link, I am achieving Ekadashi . Breaking the fast mindfully is important as I have found out when I don’t and feel awful. I eat pretty clean but if I eat too much of a carb based meal to break, I feel it. Good luck and I hope you’ll share how it goes😃
    PS one of my NY resolutions is to start my own blog so thanks for inspiring that😃


    • I think that the whole thing about weight for me is right there in breaking the fast :I know I will feel awful but I eat it all anyway. That is where my work is. I also do not eat until lunch time and have very light or no dinner depending on how late I ate lunch or how full I am. My routine does not translate into weekends yet so working on that too. Looking forward to your blog. Please let me know when it’s up.


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