Here is another item that I need to add to my New Year resolutions. It is so simple we all forget to do it: Let’s Mind Our Own Business and keep out of everyone else’s.

I do not have to comment on everything I see online or in real life. Depending on whose business you barged into uninvited, the reaction can be graceful  or just plain bat shit crazy. I experienced both today.

Graceful: a thoughtful email with an explanation that was not owed to me.

Bat Shit: SUV owner at Walter Stewart’s market when I asked if I could take a photo of her Bernie sticker since it was my first one in NEW CANAAN where the GOP rules (I did not say the GOP part aloud because I am not an idiot all the time). She said absolutely not. It was done without her consent and her son did it to aggravate her and she is mortified, so no.

I joined Camp Calm for the month of January. It is led by my cyber friend David Cain. Details are here and maybe I will emerge as a less verbal observer.


4 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. I totally relate. When I realized that I was editorializing everything, including emails with clients, I made an effort to just write the pertinent information and keep my opinion to myself. Our culture begs us on a continual basis to pip up with what we think. It’s the main meme of our times and can be terribly hard to resist. Journalism has suffered the most. As a fellow person who has reached the age where wisdom starts to kick in, remember when news was actually a trustworthy place for facts? Anywho. That lady sure had no sense of humor. At least you asked first. I snapped my “angry little dogs for Trump” photo willynilly. Oh and you know how I feel about you. ❤️

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  2. i hear you. i laughed out loud at your suv nut story. lately i feel like i am overhearing a lot of things where i have to bite my tongue not to call them out on it..latest was 1 day ago at my favorite upper west side cafe…and 2 guys are discussing a book about germany (by hollander?) in the time of ww2. and the guy reading the book talks about how hitler had to do something…..bold. WTF!!!!!!! it was like being kicked in the stomach to hear this guy talk at the next table. wishing you calm in 2016..i may need to join this camp calm….


    • It is the by product of the Trump & Cruz discourse. Racists and bigots feel it is now okay to be one out loud. Things like this were whispered with code words and people were mortified when they said something in the wrong company or afraid to show their racism at work. Also I think President Obama took racist people’s sense of superiority away and they lashed out. We are all surprised because it was all underground sort off. Now it is all in the open and hopefully for the best. Camp Calm starts on Monday. Happy New Year to you too. xoxo


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