Keeping it Simple

My most successful ( maybe my only) New Year resolution was to not use a paper cup to drink my coffee. If I was to have any it was going to be in a real cup sitting down ( or at the counter). I think I am ready to handle not using a single plastic bag next year. I am pretty good at having a canvas bag in the car or taking one when I’ll be walking, but sometimes I’m caught empty handed. I am also going to have to curb my amazon habit because those plastic bubbly things will probably erase any effort I make on curbing the plastic bag entry to my home.

Other attainable goals but no fuss if I bail or stumble:

Not being upset at being perceived as the bad guy. It’s okay if you did not like what I said or did if it was the best I could do without compromising my well being.

Sleeping when I am sleepy, not when the clock says I should sleep. It turns out I cannot sleep well between 10PM and 4AM. Even with no screen time right before, ashwaganda, lavender, spray, no food after 6PM, etc. I sleep like a baby between 4AM and 8AM.  So I am not practicing before 9 AM most days which means I make it into the mysore slot on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and it is a led or a home practice the other three days. Would I like it if my rhythm went back to how it used to be? Hell yeah, but I’m glad I don’t have to treat my practice like if it was a clock punching job. I don’t have to do battle against this.



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