There Will be Days Like This One

Happy to know that 108  evening sun salutations still involve a lot of sweating but no longer involves discomfort and provide a great night’s sleep.

Not so happy to know that they aggravated my newly acquired case of sciatica.

Disgusted but not surprised that nobody is the blame for Sandra Bland’s death in Texas.

60 degrees on December 22nd probably means that my obsession with dystopian fiction and film is probably intuitive preparation.

My house is in order, and I have not a single creative idea, or any desire to read text today so I will stand and walk in place (sciatica) while I binge watch the entire season of this:


I will also make either popovers or pecan balls as my source of sustenance today.



3 thoughts on “There Will be Days Like This One

  1. Sciatica 😦 Sorry to hear. I have been there and it’s no fun at all. Did lots of epsom salt baths and also applied icepacks. Of course also did the pigeon pose a lot but not on the mat so much. Leg propped up on table 🙂 Pecan balls – yum!


    • Thanks for the Sciatica tips. Will try Raja Ekapada on the table although I have very short legs and am 5″2 🙂 I am happy to report that I opted for a huge box of fresh blackberries that I had bought on impulse at costco the day before instead of the pecan balls. I don’t understand either. Never before has a moody funk prevented me from baking. >


  2. L0L I am not much taller nor do I have longlegs ☺️ just don’t try to use the kitchen counter which is substantially higher than a table for those of us with short legs☺️ Holiday time and general funk time makes it hard for me to make those kinds of choices of clarity and quality to feed my body. Thank God practice helps but not sure I could resist anything pecan😁


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