I Recommend

here are a bunch of things that made my life better this year in no particular order.

Learn to mix a good cocktail. My friend Sonya  Wilcox posted a photo of the sexiest cocktail I ever saw and I had to have it, and after that I had to learn how to make it and now everyone that I make one for LOVES ME even more. Here is the recipe for an amaretto sour (don’t mind the loudness of the site, his is really the best).

Accept the free cardboard gadget. As much as a whine about the NYT they offered their subscribers this nytvr and it has become my home”s favorite party trick. Fortune magazine said it gave some people double vision but my 92 year old aunt had a blast.

Go to India. I don’t know if I would recommend it if you have only used your passport to go to the Caribbean, but it really is the closest you will come to the adventures you dreamed of as  bold 10 year old.

Remove (donate/sell/recycle) all manuals, travel guides, and  office or school supplies that you think you will use again someday. Except coloring pencils/markers (unless they are really old. More on that later) I finally recycled (nobody wants them and they change every damn year) all my teaching manuals, and teaching notes because I finally believe I won’t have to go back. Now I have a brand new Liquor cabinet, because crazy over here had been keeping all her booze (not the wine) on the cabinet on top of the stove vents because of course that is such a safe spot for alcohol.


Enjoy adult coloring books. Mel Perkins clued me in and it is just the same exact pleasure I recall experiencing as a child. If you do not have color pencils, pretend you had two 16 0z lattes and buy some.

Inside Out was a good movie.

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix show -Master of None is my new favorite and not just because of the foodie connection. I am also hooked on Continuum (also a Mel P. find) but only because I am a sci-fi dork and love Canadian TV series.

Read this blog when you need a break from the reel your mind has been playing without interruption.

And I don’t care what you say, I will stop whatever I’m doing to strut to Uptown Funk.




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