May this be the only time ever that a write the word fascism in a blog entry. Right after typing that, I remembered that the latest tidbit he fed the media was about calling Bill Gates about shutting the internet for a short time and now I have to take it back. I just want to come out and say that I have moments of compassion for this woman Ivanka Trump. I have a father who in moments of impatience yelled many times that we needed the military to take over during the many psychotic periods in the recent history of what I  and others affectionately call Locolombia. On my first trip to Spain when I was 9 or 10, he explained to me that thanks to Franco I could walk the streets of Madrid at 2 AM in the morning and nothing would happen to me. His thoughts shame me but I cannot stop loving him. During the Bush years I felt compassion for those girls who felt love for a dad who was an idiot but he was their dad. And it is not just old dads or moms of a certain age. I have in laws who are my age who will vote for a fascist (they may not know what the word means and fight real hard for their right not to have to look it up) but they will vote for one. My point here is that it is useless to feel superiority or derision for those people who are fascinated by violent protectors. Or by feeling  safe and secure that we the sane ones are a majority. I saw this photo in the NYT this morning


The beatific smile of the lady with the scarf and the glasses in the background made me shudder. These are good people who will vote for a terrible future because the are terrified and will do whatever it takes not to confront the mistakes that we have made in our distant past or during our recent past. They are our moms our dads our uncles and co workers. Not that stereotypical guy with the screaming eagle tank top and a rifle. A clown can pose tremendous danger to our future. I hope he blinks ,for Ivanka’s sake and for ours.


2 thoughts on “Ivanka

  1. It’s all so unspeakable and yet I’m happy you spoke. That lady. Wow. I think I avert my eyes so much I wouldn’t have noticed her. I’m always amazed by people who are so certain that they’re right. My Mom for one. Must be nice to be so certain. Must give one comfort to be so sure. I’m a little envious some days. But I prefer to stay right where I am: smack dab in the uncomfortable world of “I don’t know.” If you’re there too then I am in good company indeed. xo


    • The most bogus of religious fantasies is that the good people and the bad people will be separated or segregated in some sort of scenario and that is how harmony will be achieved. Just this one keeps everyone from evolving. >


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