Time To Pay Attention

There was an article on last Sunday’s NYT about our collective addiction to distraction. Here it is if you haven’t seen it. And here is my tip; It is time to worry if several of your dreams come in text form or screen shot format. I am not kidding. There have been times that I dream in feed, and none of you can be more judgmental or as mortified as I am.  As much as I missed wifi  while in Uttarkashi, I was able to notice a more pleasant cadence to my thoughts and mussings, less choppy, less urgent, more calm. I am going to start a screen detox beginning this afternoon when I convince my sweetheart to join me and shut down his lifeline to keeping track of his job while on his long birthday weekend in New Orleans. I will take food porn shots to share later because I promised.


4 thoughts on “Time To Pay Attention

  1. Have an excellent weekend! And Happy Birthday to the Mister. And not for nuthin’ but quitting FB pointed out the depth of my own addiction and now that I’ve detoxed, left me with lots more time, focus, and calmth. Which isn’t a word but who cares.


    • Thanks, I will convey the well wishes. I have the feeling that I living online way more than most people I know. I have twitter wars to take care of, comments to make on blogs, hoard on pinterest while I tell them how to run and not ruin their site, share everything I see on instagram, and making sure everyone is still alive on facebook! I don’t get addicted in a half assed manner. Salon, Slate, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Huffpo, the NYT, BBC, EATER, and many more will miss me this weekend. I just scared the shit out of myself with this comment. xoxo >

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      • It happens so easily. And I definitely feel my isolation more. But that just makes me want to get out and meet (real) people and move away from this farmhouse in the middle of nothing. Neither really rural nor urban and I have to drive to walk. Bleech. No one has contacted me since leaving FB BTW, so clearly all that ‘connecting’ was pretty empty.

        On another note: my Mister’s birthday is the same as yours (or damn close) and for his birthday weekend we’re attending a weekend workshop on death! Not kidding. It’s about dying wise, embracing it, being present for it for others in our lives and eventually for ourselves. As the guy who’s running it says “all life comes from death” and he’s right of course.

        My Mister is pretty out there but that’s why I love him 🙂


      • I’d say he’s pretty in there. Wishing him a happy orbit as well. I am going to risk connecting on social media to when the phone first arrived and the people around at that time just saying no one comes over for coffee anymore. I am astonished at how my interactions have changed in the last decade. I call my folks because they don’t know how to text. and my sister when either of us has a long rant and cannot deal with autocorrect that does not understand spanglish. Let me know if anyone at the workshop knows the legality/ins and outs of those pods that grow into a tree when you plant yourself. Love You. >


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