The Kapha Part

I have gotten used to the looks I get when I show up for practice at other shalas, or when a visitor shows up at mine. How does she manage? is the name of the look and it is justified. How very interesting that an energetic sweaty yoga practice is what benefits a kapha dosha the most, and our disposition, which is avoid discomfort at all cost is so dramatically at odds with making peace with that prescription. I came across this post today and although it is sort of addressed to obsessive type A personalities, I found it quite relevant to my couch potato ways. I suffer from addiction to pleasure. Maybe more concretely, I suffer from an addiction to anything that avoids unpleasantness. Even more concisely, you can already tell that I have created a situation where I am addicted to suffering. One of the only ways that you can keep an addiction at bay in a sustainable way is to create an addiction for something else that results in less suffering and more positive and longer lasting results. That is what an Ashtanga practice has done for me. Every year (sometimes it skips a year) I am able to give up or surrender a behavior or activity that was not serving me well because I hang on to a daily practice. One of these days I will be generous enough to give it all I’ve got in return for liberation. I am not very good at recognizing a really good offer/deal so it is taking some time.

Today as it happens, The topic of addiction is tres hot on all my feeds and I will have lots ( okay over here it is never lots) to say about that.




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