The Foodie Part

With very little effort on my part and I cannot explain why this time, I have been a happy consistent vegetarian since last July. I know I wanted to be ready and accepting of a change in food preferences for India, but I have wanted to be  ready and accepting to being thin and healthy for my entire life and it somehow never took off. So I really do not know what switch went on or where it is located. Here is one of my favorite dinners. I have yet to try the real #7 sub, but I’ll say having left over sauce is great and you get dessert from one unused part of the ingredients. This is a link to the recipe. If you do not have an Asian supermarket for fried shallots. fried onions from a can are almost as good. I have been able to find canned Lychees pretty much everywhere but I live in the NYC metro area.

For the Lychee “granita” just pour the syrup from the can of lychees into a plastic or glass container with a lid and throw it in the freezer. After one hour or two, rake or stir with a fork. Do that 2 or 3 more times until it looks like shaved ice.  I had some rose petal preserves and gilded the lily with that, but it does not need it. If it had been a Friday I would have poured a bit of sake on top.


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