This is a repost from my FaceBook page reflecting my feelings about what was going on on the site by mid afternoon:

Oh.My. God. (in a Flushing Queens/ Bronx accent) there is enough compassion and sympathy inside and outside of facebook for all the nations that suffer violence and horror. It is not a limited resource. It is okay to feel superior if you are better informed and better travelled and more cosmopolitan than your average news consumer but don’t begrudge us loving a town that most of the planet thinks is one of it’s jewels.

This was a reaction to a relative’s tweet ridiculing those of us who had changed our profile picture to express solidarity with France. May I also remind some of you young things that when I was a teenager Beirut was called ( and maybe it still is ) “The Paris of The Middle East”. Not because they look the same, but because their vibe and love of culture, and the good life, are so similar. Lebanon has had a civil war for as long as I’ve been alive. Colombia has had a civil war that it refuses to call a war since my parents  and I have been alive. Both places very familiar with curfews and the suspension of civil liberties day in and day out. France? a little bit out of practice on those two. Not since 1944. So, there might be a little global fatigue with places ravaged with non stop war. It is not that we have become  uncaring Eurocentric monsters. Our world is hurting everywhere. It is okay to be upset when a part that was sort of okay is now injured as well.


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