Things That Cause Emotions

We lost Ray’s mom a year ago already. We live in an age where you can call your mother in law a dearest friend. We’ve changed many stories that  our culture has told for too long about us women.

These are some things that make my chest tight and make me smile simultaneously:

-chopped fuji apples, dried cranberries and tuna fish smothered in mayo for lunch.

-finding “the good stuff” at TJMAXX or Home Goods. Never happened without her.

-eating the olive from our spouse’s martini when out to dinner.

-The New York Post

-leopard print  flats.

-driving gloves

– remembering brownies only come out perfect baked in pyrex.

-rummaging through sale days at the Darien Shop for the ugliest madras summer shorts for Ray and my father in law Kevin.

-passing Calico Corners

-giggling at garden and kitchen tours in Greenwich and New Canaan.

-my lilac trees, my peonies and my rose bushes, all gifts from her.

-oscar night

-sunsets at the beach house in August

-our love for Sister Parrish and chintz.

Feeling someone’s absence can cause painful happiness.


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